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The Experience


Update 2020: Now Serving Vancouver!


You know that person at parties who always talks about their dogs? Yeah, that’s me. We live our lives around our dogs – we sing them songs, call them ridiculous pet names and generally fawn all over them. If any of that sounds like a day in your house, we’ll probably get along just fine!

I started my career in television and worked on documentaries, magazine and kids shows – but as soon as I worked on a pet show, my life changed. I was never allowed to have a dog growing up, so I hadn’t been around them much when I first started working on the show. Seeing footage of adorable dogs and puppies and working with their owners every day turned me into a total dog person. It didn’t take long for me to get my first dog, a black lab named Sydney.  Life hasn’t been the same since!

I recently relocated from the US to Vancouver and I am thrilled to photograph dogs and their families in such beautiful surroundings!


The Experience

Let’s face it. Everyone can get great pics of their dog with the latest iPhone or Android. But when was the last time you had a beautiful portrait of your family and your dog(s) together? You need more than just a snapshot selfie to capture the bond you share together on walks, playing fetch or cuddling. You need a professional that knows how to work with both dogs and people to make them look their best! I’ve been in business for over 10 years and I know how to work with every kind of dog regardless of obedience level. After working with so many different dog breeds and personalities, I have tricks (and treats!) up my sleeve that enable me to capture their true personality while they are having a great time.

So, just how will we do all of this?

We’ll work together to plan the ideal shoot in a beautiful location that is meaningful to you and your pup. You’ll tell me all your pup’s cute and interesting quirks and anything special that you want to make sure we capture during the shoot, whether that’s a particular pose, expression or activity.  On the day of our shoot I always like to spend a little time letting your pal get to know me and watching them to see what it is that interests them at our location. Their being comfortable with me means they’ll be more apt to be themselves and less intimidated by the camera. Most importantly we want them to feel happy, loved and just out having a great time! That’s when they really shine.

Your dog will always stay on leash and I will photoshop the leash out of the final images – safety first!

After our shoot, I will take the time to review the hundreds of images taken that day to select only the very best. Once I have a gallery ready of the top 25-30 images (about a week after the shoot) you will review them and place your order.

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To prevent the spread of Covid-19 the following modifications will be made:

– All consultations will be over the phone.

– All sessions will be outdoors.

– I will stand more than 6 feet away when photographing human subjects.

– While doing close up work with your dog, I will wear a mask and I will limit the amount of close up work to less than 15 minutes total throughout the session.