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The Experience


I started my career in television and worked on documentaries, magazine and kids shows – but as soon as I worked on a pet show, my life changed. I was never allowed to have a dog growing up, so I hadn’t been around them much when I first started working on the show. Seeing footage of adorable dogs and puppies and working with their owners every day turned me into a total dog person. It didn’t take long for me to get my first dog, a black lab named Sydney. A few months later, we got our 2nd dog, Sasha. Life hasn’t been the same since.

You know that person at parties who always talks about their dogs? Yeah, that’s me. We live our lives around our dogs – we sing them songs, call them ridiculous pet names and generally fawn all over them. If any of that sounds like a day in your house, we’ll probably get along just fine!

Our dogs are the heart and soul of our life and that’s what makes me so passionate about being a dog photographer. The time we have with our pups is important to us and photography is a way to make those memories last a lifetime.

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The Experience

Let’s face it. When you’ve decided to hang a photograph of your pet for all the world to admire, you’re looking for something more than just a photo taken with your iPhone or an average pet snapshot…you want their individuality and enthusiasm for life to shine through! As your best friend’s photographer I want to capture their spirit, their playfulness and the dogginess that you love so much. I truly believe my job is to have the patience and professional expertise necessary to capture the shots that embody the personality of your pet in a location both you and they like, doing those things that make them…them.

So, just how will we do all of this?

You know your style and the type of location that best fits the personality of your pup, so first we’ll work together to plan the ideal shoot. That means discussing the best style and location as well as the types of pet portraits you want to display. If you want a pretty pose, a goofy smile, or you love how they fly through the air, then let me know! On the day of our shoot I always like to spend a little time letting your pal get to know me and watching them to see what it is that interests them at our location. Their being comfortable with me means they’ll be more apt to be themselves and less intimidated by the camera. Most importantly we want them to feel happy, loved and just out having a great time! That’s when they really shine.

After our shoot, I will take the time to review the hundreds of images taken that day to select only the very best. Once I have a gallery ready of the top 20-30 images (about a week after the shoot) we will meet to review the best of the best and you can begin the wonderful journey of selecting the perfect way to showcase your new custom artwork!


How much should I budget for this puppy portrait experience?

The non-refundable deposit to reserve your session is $250 and 50% of that goes toward your account as a print credit. My clients usually budget anywhere from $500-$2500 depending on the amount and size of the images they would like to display in their home.

Does my dog need to be formally trained to do a session with you?

Nope! In fact, most of the dogs you see on this website have little to no obedience training. After working with so many different dog breeds and personalities, I have tricks (and treats!) up my sleeve that enable me to capture their true personality while they are having a great time.

Will you be in a city near me soon?

I photograph dogs year round in the Dallas area and make quarterly visits to New York City. If you don’t live in either of the cities mentioned, but still want to book a session, send me a message and we’ll talk through the details! I love to travel!