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Buck the Yellow Lab

Buck lived 14 wonderful years. In the beginning, it was just Buck and his dad living the bachelor’s life. Then marriage brought him a new mom and eventually two new kid sisters to play with. He adored his growing family and he was much beloved in return!

This session was extra special to me for several reasons. First, I got the chance to see how much Buck was loved by the girls in the family. I don’t often photograph children so it was extra precious to witness just how much the two girls loved Buck. They were so helpful in getting Buck’s attention by making noises and throwing balls and had really cute ideas about what Buck would like. Secondly, I was informed that Buck LOVES the water. Most labs like to swim, but Buck is OBSESSED with swimming. Since we were shooting at Lakeside park, we made sure to keep him on leash – otherwise, he would jump in the lake and swim for an hour before returning to the shore. Well, Buck had different ideas….Even though he was on leash, he managed to scoot himself into the water when we weren’t paying attention. Instead of taking a picture, I threw off my camera and went to help Buck’s mom lift this heavy guy out of the lake. He was still wearing the leash but I was afraid he would slip his collar and spend the rest of the session swimming! After we got him out, we could only laugh!! Buck was just showing his true self so we kept right on with the session even though he was soaking wet. After all, that was his favorite thing to be!

Lastly, this session was extra special to me because I got to be a part of the surprise reveal with Buck’s dad. Usually when my clients are giving their photographs as a gift, I don’t get to see the reactions on Christmas morning or a birthday. This time, Buck’s mom had the great idea to pretend that they were all going out for family pictures – instead, they were really coming to my studio to see the pictures we had already taken! I told Buck’s dad that we would start with a short slideshow so he could see the kind of photography we were about to do…When Buck’s face came up on the screen, he was completely surprised!! After seeing all the images and choosing his favorites for an album, he gave me one of the best compliments I’ve ever received, “It’s like you’ve captured all 14 years of his life and put them in this book.” Sadly, I got word that Buck passed just before Christmas but I know that these photos will help them treasure Buck’s memory. Rest in peace, sweet boy.

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  • December 27, 2015 - 5:00 pm

    Jill Smith - I’m a neighbor of Buck’s “grandparents” and you certainly captured the sweet boy. We will all miss him swimming in our cove ….. your photographs were just in time.

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