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Zeus is truly a gentle giant. Even though some people might be intimidated by his huge size, he is just super sweet and gentle cuddle bug. Unless of course, you get out his favorite rope toy to play tug and then he is raring to go!

The Dog Photographer Session Klyde Warren Park in the FallKlyde Warren Park Great DaneThe Dog Photographer Session Klyde Warren Park Great Dane CloseThe Dog Photographer Session Klyde Warren Park Great DaneKlyde Warren Park Great DaneDallas Great DaneDallas Great Dane Running in the ParkGreat Dane Hugging Woman in the Park

After a freezing winter cold front and a series of misadventures, I was finally able to meet up with Coco at Klyde Warren Park for his portrait session. Luckily, the trees had just begun changing colors and the park was beautiful! As you can tell from these pictures, Coco is absolutely adored by his mom and he specializes in cuddling and stealing kisses. Thanks for a fun session, Coco!

Dachsund in Sweater at the ParkWoman Hugging DachsundChocolate DachsundDachsund Kissing WomanDachsund Walking

Tilly is an energetic, goofy, playful, expressive bulldog who is absolutely full of life and personality. Spend an afternoon playing with her in the park and you would NEVER guess she has been through so many health challenges. But her mom and dad are crazy about her and keep nursing back to health. In addition to enjoying her belly rubs, tugging and fetch, she is also an avid skateboarder and she was happy to show off her tricks for me. I’m so glad I got to meet you, Tilly. You are truly one of a kind!

Family Portrait with English Bulldog in the Park

Family Portrait with English Bulldog RunningFunny English BulldogBulldog on SkateboardFt Worth BulldogBulldog Running

For my very last trip to NYC this year, I met up with Buddy and Lilah in Central Park. They are litter mates who were adopted by twin sisters. How fun is that?! They absolutely love to play together but they definitely each have their own personality. Buddy is the lighter colored one on the left and he likes to be held like a baby. Although he was a little nervous at first, as soon as he got used to me he was running and playing with abandon. Lilah is the more adventurous of the pair and she was sporting her NY Giants Jersey in a few pictures, while Buddy prefers the Cowboys. This is the first time I have ever been to the Conservatory Gardens in Central Park and it is gorgeous! I definitely recommend a visit if you are in the area.

Central Park Dog Photos 2Central Park Woman Holding Dog Conservatory GardenDog Running in Conservatory Garden Central ParkCentral Park Dog Portraits FamilyDog in Football JerseyCentral Park Couple with Dog PortraitCentral Park Dog Photos and EngagementCentral Park Engagement Session with DogCen

Turtle and Leroy Brown are both rescue dogs who bring a special joy and gentleness to everyone they encounter. When Turtle (the pitbull) was rescued at two years old, she weighed a scant 12 lbs and was covered in mange and bite wounds. Her mom nursed her back to health both physically and emotionally and now Turtle and her brother Leroy Brown are both therapy dogs who love visiting schools and nursing homes. Turtle has even learned to paint! You may have spotted Turtle on the news or around town as she visits schools with her special anti-bullying program based on her past as a baitdog. Now that she is happy and healthy, she teaches kids that you can overcome anything! Working with Turtle, I would have never known she had such a hard past. She was all joy – especially when getting to play with her ball or toys! To learn more about Turtle, click here.

Ft Worth Trinity River Photo Session

Ft Worth Dog PhotographyEnglish Bulldog on BridgeLeroy Brown English BulldogLeroy BrownTurtle PaintingTurtle the Painting Pit Bull in ActionTurtle the Painting Pit Bull

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