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Molly (white Terrier), Hattie (red Terrier), and Lucy (black and white Catahoula Leopard) like to hang out at White Rock Lake. Since it is their regular stomping grounds, it seemed like the perfect place for their portrait session. Of course a beautiful fall day at White Rock Lake wouldn’t be complete without hundreds of runners in the background. Thanks to the power of photoshop, it looks like we had the whole place to ourselves!

Molly and Hattie like to stay really close to their mom and dad so we focused on getting a lot of family pictures. When I set up an image like the first one below, I always tell my clients, “Just keep looking at me.” Even though the dogs might be doing all different things and looking every which way, I know that as soon as I blow my duck call the magic will happen! In this case, all 3 dogs immediately looked right at me with their ears perked in perfect unison. That is just one of the many tricks up my sleeve. 🙂

If you don’t have any beautiful images of you with your dogs, why not give me a call today? I still have a few spots open before Christmas!

Dogs with Family Portraits at White Rock Lake DallasWoman and her dog at White Rock Lake DallasFamily Portrait with Dogs at White Roc kLakeCatahoula Leopard on Dock at White Rock Lake Portrait Session

Dog on the Dock at White Rock Lake DallasWhite Rock Lake Dock Photo SessionCatahoula in Fall Leaves


Klyde warren park

Klyde Warren Park is truly the jewel of downtown Dallas. I especially love photographing clients on the gorgeous walkways decorated with the distinctive white arches. This is also a great spot for action, whether running around in the open green space (on leash, of course!) or investigating the water fountains, there is plenty for your pup to do. And after the session, grab some chow from the food truck while your dog plays in the dog park. Win-win! (Pro-tip: Go early on weekday mornings to avoid the crowds.)
Woman with Dog in Klyde Warren Park Arches

Klyde Warren ParkKlyde Warren Park Portrait Session Example 1Klyde Warren Park Portrait Session Example 2

lakeside park

If you want lush greenery, Lakeside Park is the place to go. It’s a beautiful and relaxing location that makes for very elegant portraits. If you can make it there during early spring, you’ll even be greeted with some beautiful pink flowers! The simplicity of this location seems to lend itself to especially emotional images. With un-cluttered backgrounds, the focus is only on you and your pup.

Lakeside Park Example 01Lakeside Park Dallas Example 02Lakeside Park Example 3Dallas Best Park Photo SessionRottweiler Puppy Photo Session

Dallas Arts District

The Dallas Arts District is perfect for the sophisticated city pup that likes to explore. With a backdrop of mostly neutral colors and modern buildings, images created at a session in the Arts District would look beautiful in any home.

Dallas Arts District Example 4Dallas Arts District Example 3Dallas Arts District Example 6


Looking for something a little more funky, bold or gritty? Then head to Deep Ellum. Within a few blocks, you’ll find nearly every color of the rainbow. Be aware that things here change often though! You never know when your favorite graffiti will be painted over, so if you see a spot you like – don’t delay! (I still miss the octopus wall!)

Deep Ellum Dog Photography Example 1Deep Ellum Dog Photography Example 2Deep Ellum Dog Photography Example 3


The West End is dominated by lots of old red brick buildings. Dogs that are either white or black provide the best contrast here. It is a fairly quiet spot in the mornings so its also a good place if your pup is prone to distractions.

The West End Example 1The West End Example 22West End Example 4

Have a favorite spot I didn’t list? Share it in the comments!

You can tell from her white face that Maggie is a senior dog. She still has the heart of a puppy and wants desperately to chase the tennis balls, but alas her body won’t cooperate. Even though you can see she got tired during the session and had to rest quite a bit, her gorgeous smile and the sparkle in her eye never faded even a bit! Love this sweet girl!


Just look at this sweet and goofy face! I fell in love with Jett during our session. As you can see in the images below, he started out with a very regal pose. Alert posture, gorgeous expressions and following directions really well. Like every dog, he soon got tired of that!! He decided it was time to play and wrestle with his mom and of course we were happy to oblige. (And check out that side-tongue – cute!!)

Many folks have called me and asked how in the world we can let dogs off leash in all these amazing places?? Won’t the dog just take off? Yes, many dogs probably would! For the dog’s safety and to follow Klyde Warren Park rules, I always have dogs wear a leash during the session. Thanks to the magic of Photoshop, I can remove the leash afterwards. And, voila…Perfect pictures and complete safety!

Dog in Flowers Professional PicturesDog Walking in Botanic GardenWoman Poses with Her Dog under arch at Klyde WarrenWoman Playing with dog in grassDog Gives a High FiveDog Crawling Across Grass

Daisy’s parents, Steven and Kaylee, love dogs SO much that they just opened the brand new Bones & Bacon Pet Resort in Oak Cliff.  They wanted to display some artwork that showed their love of dogs and matched the natural and modern style of their space.  Of course, I knew just the perfect spot! Luckily, Daisy was an absolutely fantastic model.  Seriously – her obedience skills are really impressive! (Kaylee – can you come work with my dogs??)  Daisy happily sat on this rock for us and even gave a big, beautiful smile! Of course, as a Basset Hound we had to let her do a good amount of sniffing and exploring as well. After seeing how Steven and Kaylee interact with their dog (and did I mention the obedience skills??) I wouldn’t hesitate to send Sydney and Sasha to Bones & Bacon Pet Resort for a nice weekend next time I hit the craps table in Vegas! 🙂

Basset Hound Head Tilt Portrait

Basset Hound in ForestBasset Hound Professional Dog Pictures at ParkFamily Portrait Turtle Creek with Basset Hound DogBasset Hound Family PicturesBasset Hound on BridgeClose Up Basset Hound Walking on BridgeB