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Tex, Yna + Charlie | Family Photos

This portrait session was a birthday surprise for Tex and Yna’s dad! Tex (red collar) is originally from Hungary and comes from a champion bloodline. Yna (pink collar) is a bit shy and likes to be around her big brother so we did the session in their home to keep her comfortable. Luckily, Yna sniffed out right away that I was a friend and surprised us all by coming right out of her shell. But that wasn’t my only surprise! Tex and Yna had just gotten a little brother, a chocolate lab named Charlie. Even though they were the focus of the session, I did get to photograph him a little bit. German Shepherds are a particularly loyal breed of dog and I’m so glad I was able to capture the special bond they have with their dad.

Man with Two Loving German Shepherds
Happy and Content German Shepherd
Two German Shepherds
German Shepherds in Flowers
Family Photo with Dogs
Chocolate Labrador Puppy in Grass
Puppy Photographer
Professional German Shepherd Photography
Dog Photographer Dallas

Coco | Klyde Warren Park & Arts District

The Dallas Arts District and Klyde Warren Park are two of of my favorite spots for a portrait session. It is a great mix of urban and park with plenty of variety. I met up with Coco on a beautiful 70 degree January day and as you can see, both he and his mom were fantastic models! With pugs and bulldogs, it is especially important to keep them from getting overheated so scheduling a portrait session in the fall and winter is a perfect time for these little guys.

ATT Performing Arts Center Dog Portrait SessionWoman and Dog Walking in DallasBlack Pug in Klyde Warren ParkDog Picture Session at Klyde Warren Park in DallasKlyde Warren Park Photo Session with PugDallas Fine Art Dog Portraits

Smokey, Molly & D’Lyla

I had a fantastic time photographing this trio of pups. Smokey, Molly and D’Lyla are the absolute pride and joy of their mom and dad. First up is Smokey. She is the youngest of the group and the most active. In fact, its the first time I’ve ever seen a pug who plays fetch. She is fast and could definitely give my labs a run for their money! Next up is the Bulldog, D’Lyla – she has a million expressions! I was cracking up while editing these images because she was making so many funny faces while her mom was holding her! Every time I look at them, it makes me smile. Last is Molly, the matriarch of the group. She takes her job sitting on the couch very seriously. 🙂 In addition to photographing each dog individually, we got a nice family image of everyone that now hangs in their home. Of course, we had to catch Smokey first!

Pug Photos
Pug Family Photos
English Bulldog Photo
English Bulldog Professional Photos
Woman with Pug
Professional Pug Photography
Pug with Tennis Ball
Pug Photographer

Miso + Mei Mei | Klyde Warren Park

When Miso and Mei Mei’s mom contacted me, I knew we were going to have a fun session. Every year she comes up with a creative theme or wardrobe for her Christmas pictures and this year was no exception! We went to Klyde Warren Park for their photo session – one of my favorite places to photograph dogs! I don’t usually photograph inside the dog park but on this particular morning it was completely empty and Miso (the dachshund) was itching to play fetch. She might have the body of a dachshund, but she definitely has the heart of a labrador! Every single time that Mei Mei got the ball, Miso would literally take it out of her mouth. It was hilarious!! Thanks for a fun session!

Klyde Warren Park Photographer
Klyde Warren Park Dog Photos
Klyde Warren Park Photo Session
Dachsund at Klyde Warren Park Dog Park
Boxer at Klyde Warren Park Dog Portrait Session
Klyde Warren Park Dog Park Photos